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Medieval Longsword

Beginner classes in the Liechtenauer tradition

Presented by Peter Bates,
Head Instructor & Course Designer

I've been studying, interpreting and practicing HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and knightly martial arts for nearly 20 years - and instructing and facilitating classes for almost as long.

My professional background is adult learning and instructional design which means the classes and curriculum I run are designed to scale with learners from brand new learners who have never swung a sword before to experienced practitioners wanting to develop their skill and knowledge.

In our classes we will cover

Vor and Vorschlag
Strike First, secure the initiative and advantage and hold it, Liechtenauer teaches to keep your opponent defending because while the defend they cannot attack.
Timing, Structure and Measure, how to flow from one motion to the next, retain the capacity to react or respond and how to use your body so that you Strike hard.
Nach and Nachschlag
Do not stop to admire your work but flow immediately to the after strike, or as the patient steal the Vor from them in the Nach, In a fight with swords there can be No mercy.

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