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Weekly Schedule 
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Longsword According to Johannes Liechtenauer
The main H.E.M.A system our school focuses on from the medieval ages is the Liechtenauer tradition.
Our interpretations veer heavily away from the common practice largely adopted across many sports "HEMA" groups as we work to interpret and accurately reconstruct this art as a functional martial art and not a game of sport fencing.

Panmure Classes
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5pm-6pm - Under 18's
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 6pm-8pm - Adults Class

Glenfield Classes
Thursdays: 6pm-8pm - Adults Class
10am-12pm - Adults Class

Age of Piracy Sword Arts
The Age of Piracy will be our first re-expansion back into running later period H.E.M.A systems and arts.
The scope of these classes will be from the mid 17th century and beyond the middle of the 18th.
We are beginning by introducing our students to the fencing theory of the age via the smallsword instructions of Master Liancour 1686 and  Sir William Hope's new method 1707.
Once this covered we will expand to cover 17th century rapier along the systems of backsword, sheering sword and broad sword as they relate to both the cutlass and the basket hilted sword. 

Panmure Classes
Mondays: 6pm-8pm - Adults Classes

Class Information


Our main classes are located in Panmure and Glenfield, with secondary classes for attendees only at a private residence in Mt Wellington.

Swordsmanship classes begin with a sequence or form/technique drills designed to enforce good habits and reinforce sequence of motion, timing and structure.
These are then followed by opposed techniques drills as explore counters and application mechanics and principals.
Once our Learner have gained the fundamental skills requires these expand into flow drills and dynamic drilling along with assaults and test cutting.

Our "unarmed" arts classes "DDLR" and "grappling" include a larger focus on physical aptitude and strength building and include warm up circuits using medicine balls, a tractor tyre, kettlebells, barbell, horizontal bars and calisthenics exercises.
They progress basic form drills to learn fundamental techniques and mechanics before progress to flow drills and dynamic drilling.
In these arts the assault is initially practiced in gamified forms to allow learners to develop their competency under ever increasing levels of duress.

For Adults wanting to come along feel free to get in touch with us you can email us from this page:
or find out more by clicking here

For any under 18's wanting to come along please fill out this form and we will be in touch.



Upcoming Events 

Public Test cutting opportunity

Sunday the 28th Cleary Road Panmure (see below)

Present Term
Longsword Term 2 May - July
Kampf Ringen and Ringen Term 2  May - July
DDLR Savate Term 2  May - July
Age of Piracy -smallsword & Cutlass Term 2  May - July

Next out of sequence Month April
Longsword changes to Sword and Buckler for Panmure 
Longsword changes to Sword and Buckler for Glenfield
Age of Piracy changes to Basket hilt and Rapier 
DDLR changes to cane & umbrella fighting

End of Term internal Tourney
This has been delayed until the end of May

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Pricing Panmure

      Term Fee Longsword
         Adults - Panmure

For the full term of 3 months with classes twice a week the cost is $300 with a reduced rate for the first term.
This includes standard classes, test cutting and optional Weekend Grappling Classes during the term.

    Term Fee Longsword   Under 18's - Panmure

For the full term of 3 months with classes twice a week the cost is $150 with a reduced rate for the first term.This includes standard classes, test cutting and optional Weekend Grappling Classes during the term.

            Age of Piracy
        Adults - Panmure

For the full term of 3 months with classes once a week the cost is $150 with a reduced rate for any new comers to the school in their first term

Pricing Glenfield

     Long Sword Classes 
                    Full Term

For the full term of 3 months with classes twice a week the cost is $150 with a reduced rate for the first term.

       Longsword Partial                              Attendance

Though less than ideal our trainers will allow learners to attend classes once a week, though this is to their own disadvantage.

Seasonal Activities 


Test cutting continues to occur once a month only held back or delayed by the weather, these sessions will be interrupted when we have preparation sessions on break falls for internal tournaments and the internal tournaments themselves.

The Summer Month also allow for the use of public spaces for larger weapons where we focus on poleweapons such as spear, staff and poleaxe etc.

We have recently reintroduced public displays and hope to do these dring each of the out of cycle months before a new term.
So that those interested in learning what knightly arts really looked like can witness our take on assaulting and can come along and give test cutting a got with live (sharp) weapons.

The aim here is also to expand beyond our present curriculum and look at different weapon arts and systems throughout the year to try and generate interest in w.m.a and h.e.m.a systems and to help our students become coaches and instructors themselves.


Tournaments & Events

We run events on a monthly basis, these will rotate between test cutting to ensure quality of learners technique applications and assaulting (historical term for sparring with swords) to test attendees application of techniques under duress.

These are split between warm up for tournaments, formal skill assessments, opportunities for coaching and support and public demonstrations to new members.

We run two internal events each year for the medieval classes in April and August and aim to expand these beyond the normal tournament structure to include test cutting skill contests and "open sword" contests where our members can pit theirs skills with sword and buckler, messer and longsword against each other.

We also hope to expand to include similar events for our non medieval arts with the aim of contests for each later period sword art along with "open sword" in the age of piracy where learners can use smallsword, cutlass, broadsword and rapier against one another.

We support one external tournament which is the N.Z.S.E.M.A hosted by W.S.E.M.A in Wellington during September.
However our students are welcome to compete in any other external events they choose to, in the future we hope to make some of our own internal contests open to other schools and groups willing to compete under our rule set.

The plan going forward 2023-2024

Jan  -  Test cutting - happened

Feb  -  Assaulting - happened

Mar  -  Test cutting  (assessment) - happened

Apr  -  Test Cutting - Public Panmure - Recruitment 

May -  Tournament - Delayed from April
Jun  -  Assaulting

Jul   -  Test cutting  (assessment)

Aug  -  Tournament

Sep  -  Test cutting Public Panmure

Oct  -  Assaulting 

Nov  -  Test cutting (assessment)
Dec  -  Private coaching month

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